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MGM Brakes

Specialty Brakes

Remote Mount Cylinders, R4/R5 models, were introduced in 1956 as the world’s first spring-actuated parking and emergency brake actuators for commercial vehicles. These “pull-to-activate” cylinders were designed for axle-mount using various weld-on and bolt-on mounting brackets and linkage arms. They are typically used today to remotely activate tailgate locks on dump trucks and dump trailers, or any other application that requires a heavy duty spring applied “cylinder” that is dependable and rugged.

The R7A Spring Applied Air Released (SAAR) and R8H Spring Applied Hydraulic Released (SAHR) Remote Mount Cylinders were designed and developed by MGM Engineering as an alternative to the manually operated “adjustable” hand-brake lever used to apply and release the “drive-line” parking brakes on school buses and other medium-duty chassis. Recognizing the problems associated with the “adjustable” manually operated lever system, the R7A and R8H were developed to provide a secure “tamper resistant” means of applying and releasing the brake. An electronic “travel” sensor provides the operator with information pertaining to the position of the push rod – “applied” or “released”.